National Job Role Standards

National Occupational Standards (NOS) specify the standard of performance an individual must achieve when carrying out a function in the workplace, together with the knowledge and understanding they need to meet that standard consistently. Each NOS defines one key function in a job role. Each NOS is a concise and readable document, usually consisting of no more than five or six pages (some are only one or two). NOS always have measurable outcomes as “Performance Criteria”.


Often NOS are misunderstood by many people.


NOS are NOT :

Courses / Training Programs / Units / Qualifications


NOS are:

Benchmarks of good practice.

Description of functions, standards of performance and knowledge/understanding.

Developed/ laid out by/with Employers.


The NOS developed by LSSSDC are laid down by employers in Life Sciences Sector through LSSSDC.


A set of NOS, aligned to a job role, called Qualification Pack, would be available for every job role in Life Sciences sector. Each Qualification Pack is benchmarked at National Skill Qualification Framework (NSQF).


A Qualification Pack aligned to NSQF drives both the creation of a course, curriculum & content, and assessments. Thus NSQF makes it possible to drive competency/ outcome based training and assessment for every job role in industry.


In addition to the creation, delivery and assessment of skilling program, the Qualification Packs can be used by Employers for Recruitment, Performance Appraisals and Deriving the Training Needs for upskilling programs


It would be possible for all current vocational courses, like MES, ITI Courses, or similar vocational courses in schools, colleges and polytechnics to be aligned to job roles at specific NSQF Levels. An ITI Course in Fitter/ Mechanical would say they are training for Machine /Production Operator at NVQF Level 4. Similarly a pharmacy college, training in pharmacy, may say it is training for NVQF Level 5 for Production Chemist.


At LSSSDC, we understand the importance of usability of the documents developed, hence have prepared a self-help manual for all users to read and use the Qualification Pack Document.


Self-Help Manual for understanding Qualification Pack

National Occupational Standards

Standards Under Public View

Standards Under Industry Validation

Draft Occupational Standards

Model Curriculum for Skill Program aligned to Qualification Pack

For any clarifications please write to Anshul Saxena, Director- NOS & Curriculum Advisory on

National Occupational Standards

S.No.QP-NOS Title
1 Associate Brand Manager (LFS/Q0405)
2 Bio Process Engineer (LFS/Q0219)
3 Business Development Executive- Life Sciences (LFS/Q0402)
4 Clean Room Engineer_Technician (LFS/Q0218)
5 Clinical Research Associate (LFS/Q0503)
6 Coordination Manager-Life Sciences (LFS/Q0605)
7 Data Entry Operator_Documentation Officer-Life Sciences (LFS/Q0510)
8 Demand Planning Manager- Life Sciences (LFS/Q0606)
9 Drug Regulatory Affairs Chemist (LFS/Q0501)
10 Environment, Health and Safety Manager – Life Sciences (LFS/Q0214)
11 Export Logistics Manager-Life Sciences (LFS/Q0607)
12 Fitter Mechanical – Life Sciences (LFS/Q0213)
13 Import Logistics Manager-Life Sciences (LFS/Q0608)
14 Lab Technician – Life Sciences (LFS/Q0509)
15 Licencing Manager-Life Sciences (LFS/Q0609)
16 Maintenance Assistant – Life Sciences (LFS/Q0215)
17 Maintenance Supervisor – Electricity- Life Sciences (LFS/Q0208)
18 Maintenance Supervisor – HVAC – Life Sciences (LFS/Q0209)
19 Maintenance Supervisor – Steam – Life Sciences (LFS/Q0212)
20 Maintenance Supervisor – Water – Life Sciences (LFS/Q0210)
21 Maintenance Supervisor_In-charge-Gases-Life Sciences (LFS/Q0211)
22 Manufacturing Assistant – Life Sciences (LFS/Q0216)
23 Market Research Specialist- Life Sciences (LFS/Q0403)
24 Medical Sales Representative – Life Sciences (LFS/Q0401)
25 Packaging Assistant – Life Sciences (LFS/Q0217)
26 Packaging Supervisor – Machine – Life Sciences (LFS/Q0204)
27 Packaging Supervisor- Manual and Machine Packing – Life Sciences (LFS/Q0205)
28 Production Planning Supervisor – Life Sciences (LFS/Q0206)
29 Production Supervisor/ In Charge – Life Sciences (LFS/Q0203)
30 Production/ Manufacturing Chemist – Life Sciences (LFS/Q1201)
31 Production/Machine Operator – Life Sciences (LFS/Q0207)
32 Production_Manufacturing Biologist (LFS/Q2201)
33 Quality Assurance Chemist – Equipment Validation – Life Sciences (LFS/Q0312)
34 Quality Assurance Chemist – Life Sciences (LFS/Q0302)
35 Quality Assurance Chemist – Process Validation – Life Sciences (LFS/Q0303)
36 Quality Control Assistant – Visual Inspector – Life Sciences (LFS/Q0310)
37 Quality Control Biologist (LFS/Q2301)
38 Quality Control Biologist-Batch Release Testing (LFS/Q2302)
39 Quality Control Biologist-Packaging (LFS/Q2303)
40 Quality Control Chemist (LFS/Q1301)
41 Quality Control Chemist – Batch Release Testing – Life Sciences (LFS/Q1302)
42 Quality Control Chemist – Packaging – Life Sciences (LFS/Q1303)
43 Quality Control Chemist Microbiology – Life Sciences (LFS/Q0308)
44 Quality Management System Incharge – Life Sciences (LFS/Q0311)
45 Regulatory Medical Writer (LFS/Q0504)
46 Research Associate – Technology Transfer/Process Development (LFS/Q0511)
47 Research Associate- Product Development/ Synthesis/ Medicinal Chemistry (LFS/Q0505)
48 Scientific Medical Writer (LFS/Q0506)
49 Scientist-Clinical Research & Development (LFS/Q0507)
50 SCM Executive – Life Sciences (LFS/Q0610)
51 Sourcing Lead and Vendor Development Executive-Life Sciences (LFS/Q0613)
52 Stability Specialist – Life Sciences (LFS/Q0304)
53 Store Assistant – Life Sciences (LFS/Q0604)
54 Store Chemist_Supervisor_In-charge-Finished Goods-Life Sciences (LFS/Q0603)
55 Store Chemist_Supervisor_In-charge-Packaging Materials-Life Sciences (LFS/Q0602)
56 Store Chemist_Supervisor_In-charge-Raw Materials-Life Sciences (LFS/Q0601)
57 Supply Chain Manager – Life Sciences (LFS/Q0611)
58 Supply Planning Manager-Life Sciences (LFS/Q0612)
59 Telesales Executive-Life Sciences (LFS/Q0404)
60 Validation Supervisor – Life Sciences (LFS/Q0305)
61 Vendor and Internal Audit In charge – Life Sciences (LFS/Q0306)

For Standards under public View

There is no standard under public view

For Draft Occupational Standards

The section below list the draft Occupational Standards for few job roles only. The Occupational Standards for other job roles are currently in the development stage.

These drafts are uploaded for public viewing so as to enable anyone for sending in any comments or observations. In the draft state, they are not meant for building any curriculum or any other allied activity.

Any comments or feedback can be addressed to Anshul Saxena, Director- NOS Development & Curriculum Advisory at LSSSDC on All comments/ feedback received during the period will be responded to by LSSSDC.

NSDC has not done any due-diligence on these standards.

SSC readiness of QP and Job Role:

S.No. QP Code QP-NOS Title
1 LFS/Q0202 Production/ Manufacturing Chemist - Life Sciences
2 LFS/Q0302 QA Chemist
3 LFS/Q1301 QC Chemist
4 LFS/Q0401 Medical Sales Representative

Standards Under Industry Validation

This section include the Occupational Standards which are currently under Industry Validation.

These standards are uploaded for public viewing so as to enable anyone for sending in any comments or observations to LSSSDC.

These standards could be used by a vocational training organization to build curriculum and content and use them for training purposes on the condition that when the industry validation is completed by Life Sciences Sector Skill Development Council, if required, they will do the necessary changes in the curriculum and will ensure a bridge course to all skilled participants.

For any clarifications please write to Anshul Saxena, Director- NOS & Curriculum Advisory on