State Government Stakeholders

Uttar Pradesh Skill Development Mission


A National Skill Development Policy was launched in 2009 with the aim of skilling 500 million persons by 2022. Under the National Plan, the State of Uttar Pradesh aims to skill over 4 million youth by the end of the 12th Five Year Plan. In order to achieve this target and provide employable skills to the youth of the State, the Uttar Pradesh Skill Development Mission (UPSDM) has been instituted. Based on the learnings and experiences of other states, the Government of Uttar Pradesh has developed a unique structure for UPSDM. UPSDM acts as an integrated mission which combines the efforts of various State Departments in achieving the skill development targets for the State. UPSDM is the implementing agency for skill development targeted at enhancing employability in Uttar Pradesh, subsuming the targets of various State Departments such as Rural Development, Urban Development, Labour, Minority Welfare, Social Welfare, etc.

Life Sciences Sector Skill Development Council has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) on 29 December 2015 to participate in the UPSDM skilling mission. Currently under this MoU the Skilling of Medical Sales Representative will take place.

MoU Sign Off between UPSDM and LSSSDC, 29th December  2015

Himachal Pradesh Kaushal Vikas Nigam


Recognizing the magnitude of the challenge at hand, a new National Skill Development and Entrepreneurship Policy, 2015 has been formulated which supersedes the policy of 2009 and seeks “To create an ecosystem of empowerment by skilling on a large scale at speed with high standards so as to ensure sustainable livelihoods for all citizens and to place India in the country of front ranking entrepreneurial and innovative nations.”

Himachal Pradesh has started its journey of economic development to emerge as a model of development of hill States in the country and also as a pioneer in the various field of development. The State has made tremendous progress in industries, power, horticulture, agriculture and allied activities due to continuous investment which has drastically changed the socio-economic indicators of the State.

Keeping in view the overall growth dynamics of the State, Government of Himachal Pradesh has taken up an exercise on the formulation of Action plan on Skill Development for 12th Plan (2012–17 and 2017–22). The State Government has fixed the targets under Skill Development activities according to the targets fixed by Government of India, as 4, 55,000 for 2012–17 and 5, 15,000 for 2017–22. To achieve the said target, Government of Himachal Pradesh is steadfastly introducing a mechanism to institutionalize the efforts of Skill Development in the State and therefore has decided to formulate a Skill Development Policy to provide a direction to its efforts.


Life Sciences Sector Skill Development Council has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) on 8th February 2016 to participate in the HPKVN skilling mission. Currently under this MoU the Skilling of multiple job roles for pharma and bio pharma industry will take place. These skilled and certified candidates will be provided to the HP based industry to meet the demand in the region.

MoU Sign Off between HPKVN and LSSSDC, 8th February 2016

Additional Skill Acquisition Program (ASAP), Kerala


Demographic dividend, Development indicators and Market potential have placed India in a formidable position in the 21st century’s financial landscape. By the year 2020, the country is poised to become a major human resource hub of the World even ahead of many developed nations of the present. A huge responsibility rests with the State Governments towards making the country future ready and a great deal of this depends upon concerted efforts in raising the quality and standards of the human resources. The Government of India, realizing this has created a road map for Human Resources Development at all levels including Education, Research, Industry and Trade.

The Kerala State, by realizing this responsibility, has embarked upon an ambitious project named State Skill Development Project to equip its young population with skills in cutting edge sectors in order to effectively alleviate the unemployment problem in the state.  The project combines both preventive (Additional Skill Acquisition Programme - ASAP) and curative approaches (Additional Skill Enhancement Programme). On the preventive side, the General and Higher Education Departments together will implement the Additional Skill Acquisition Programme (ASAP) to amplify working hands in different sectors of the economy, by providing additional skill sets to students along with their regular courses. In the curative part, Additional Skill Enhancement Programme (ASEP), under the leadership of Labour and Local Self Government Departments, is envisaged to encompass skill development and grooming initiatives for unemployed persons registered in the Employment Exchanges across the State.

 Kerala, traditionally known for its high quality man power spread all over the World and with a high density of science and technology personnel, have always set a model for the nation in developmental issues. The realization of the fact that its unemployed population kept swelling despite having a rich talent pool, made it think and devise ways to counter the trend.  It is in this context that the Additional Skills Acquisition Programme (ASAP) has been developed to impart sector specific skills to create a labour market ready work force.

The students studying at Government and Government Aided Higher Secondary Schools and at the Arts and Science Undergraduate Colleges will be equipped with sector specific skills to make them employable. ASAP envisages development of skill programmes in three levels, that is, from certificate programmes to dual degree programmes. The programmes shall also be dovetailed to National Skill Qualification Framework (NSQF).


Life Sciences Sector Skill Development Council has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) on 30th January 2015 to participate in the Kerala Government’s skilling mission.

MoU Sign Off between ASAP, Kerala and LSSSDC, 30th January 2015

Certified trainers

Certificate Number Name of the Certified Trainer VTP
Cert- 00001 Bishwajit Singh CREATE
Cert- 00002 G Paulraj REEP Trust
Cert- 00003 Karthikeyan REEP Trust
Cert- 00004 Swapnesh Vyas PGVS
Cert- 00005 Sugam Khopkar Life Supporters
Cert - 0006 Sandeep Bana Baddi University
Cert - 0007 Somjeet Shastri MIHER
Cert - 0008 Jitendra Pandey SEWS
Cert - 0009 Prakash Kataria PGVS
Cert - 0010 Firoj Khan PGVS
Cert - 0011 Ramesh Choudhary PGVS
Cert - 0012 Lalit Dadhich PGVS
Cert - 0013 Dhiraj Kumar Choudhary PGVS
Cert - 0014 Deepak Somani PGVS
Cert - 0015 Kuldeep Sharma PGVS
Cert - 0016 Manoj Pareek PGVS
Cert - 0017 Peeyush Samaria PGVS
Cert - 0018 M.kalidoss  REEP Trust
Cert - 0019 R.saravana  Raja REEP Trust
Cert - 0020 M.d.saravanan REEP Trust
Cert - 0021 A.s.rajack  Mohamed REEP Trust
Cert - 0022 J. Aldrin Bright REEP Trust
Cert - 0023 M.senthil  Kumaar REEP Trust
Cert - 0024 K Thangaraj REEP Trust
Cert - 0025 Jeevananthan.r REEP Trust
Cert - 0026 Srinivasan.m REEP Trust
Cert - 0027 Sundararajan.d REEP Trust
Cert - 0028 Pankaj Bhardwaj Rooman Technologies
Cert - 0029 Sunny Malkotia Rooman Technologies
Cert - 0030 Mohsin Khan Rooman Technologies
Cert - 0031 Chandra Shekhar Arya Stomata Infotech Pvt Ltd
Cert - 0032 Lalit Kr Mishra CREATE
Cert - 0033 Bhaskar Shandilya CREATE
Cert - 0034 Pankaj Kumar Gangopadhyay Tiksna
Cert - 0035 H. Surendra Babu Centum Work Skills India Ltd
Cert - 0036 Amit Kumar Vashishth Unifiers
Cert - 0037 Vinod Dixit Unifiers
Cert - 0038 Naresh Chandra Sharma Unifiers
Cert - 0039 V Rakesh Kumar Reddy Alliance Institute
Cert - 0040 Madan Lal AITS
Cert - 0041 Gyandeep Power to Empower
Cert - 0042 Puneet Mathur Skills Academy / A4E India Pvt Ltd
Cert - 0043 Susovan Malik Rooman Technologies
Cert - 0044 Shailendra Kumar Create
Cert - 0045 Himanshu Sekhar Samataray TS Skill & Tech
Cert - 0046 Raghav Dixit Power to Empower
Cert - 0047 Ajay Shirke Bridge Point
Cert - 0048 Ashwin Susarla Bridge Point
Cert - 0049 Soumen Banerjee Modhumoy Srilekha
Cert - 0050 Mukesh Gupta Deep Training Institute Pvt Ltd
Cert - 0051 Naresh Kalra Deep Training Institute Pvt Ltd
Cert - 0052 Suresh Choudhary Deep Training Institute Pvt Ltd
Cert - 0053 Praveen Goyal Deep Training Institute Pvt Ltd
Cert - 0054 Samunder Singh Chauhan Deep Training Institute Pvt Ltd
Cert - 0055 Pankaj Saraswat Deep Training Institute Pvt Ltd
Cert - 0056 Swati Yadav Deep Training Institute Pvt Ltd
Cert - 0057 Uma Kumari Balani Deep Training Institute Pvt Ltd
Cert - 0058 Umesh Saini Deep Training Institute Pvt Ltd
Cert - 0059 Yatin Sharma Deep Training Institute Pvt Ltd
Cert - 0060 Anil Kumar Diwedi CREATE
Cert - 0061 Rahul Kumar Singh CREATE
Cert - 0062 Tarun kumar Verma CREATE
Cert - 0063 Anshul Kathoria BPSN
Cert - 0064 Amrendra Kumar Sinha IIMR
Cert - 0065 I.M Saini Empower Pragati
Cert - 0066 Sanjeev Kumar Tripathi Centum Work Skills India Ltd
Cert - 0067 Manish Yadav Ram Gopal Educational Society
Cert - 0068 Pankaj Sharma Focal Skill Development
Cert - 0069 Dr. Supriti Agarwal Amity
Cert - 0070 Y. Ramesh Unifiers
Cert - 0071 R. Suresh Unifiers
Cert - 0072 M.Vamship Celebron Solutions
Cert - 0073 Dr. R. Sridhar Algol Universal Trust
Cert - 0074 P.Sarvan Kumar Sun Skills
Cert - 0075 V. Ranana Sri Alliance Institute
Cert - 0076 G. Bala Krishna Spice Technologies
Cert - 0077 G. Vijaya Bhaskar Celebron Solutions
Cert - 0078 K. Jitendra Reddy Sun Skills
Cert - 0079 N. Nagender Centum Work Skills India Ltd
Cert - 0080 Debashis Chakarborty Tiksna Mission Trust
Cert - 0081 Samarajit Mukhopadhyay Tiksna Mission Trust
Cert - 0082 Saikat Maji Tiksna Mission Trust
Cert - 0083 Rama Chowdhary Tiksna Mission Trust
Cert - 0084 Piyushmoy Sengupta Tiksna Mission Trust
Cert - 0085 Priyanka Ghosh Tiksna Mission Trust
Cert - 0086 Ranjit Kumar Guha Providers Skills
Cert - 0087 Pawan Kumar Bridge Point
Cert - 0088 Ram Darsh Sharma Focal Skill
Cert - 0089 Ashok Kumar Chawla Redefine Dimension Solutions Pvt. Ltd.
Cert - 0090 Dhirendra Kumar Sharma Redefine Dimension Solutions Pvt. Ltd.
Cert - 0091 Mitali Raina Ram Gopal Education
Cert - 0092 Sunil Kumar Mishra Celebron Solutions
Cert - 0093 Saptarishi Chakarborty Edu Jobs
Cert - 0094 Surajit Bhattacharya T.S Skill & Tech
Cert - 0095 Ahmed Amjad Husain T.S Skill & Tech
Cert - 0096 Poluri Venu Edu Jobs
Cert - 0097 Ashish Kumar IQBRI
Cert - 0098 Suvankar Chatterjee T.S Skill & Tech
Cert - 0099 Harikant Vishwakarma V.M Techno Soft
Cert - 0100 Abhishek Sharma V.M Techno Soft
Cert - 0101 Sanjay Johari V.M Techno Soft
Cert - 0102 Soumen Maity Madhumoy Srilekha
Cert - 0103 Mrinal Chaturvedi BPSN
Cert - 0104 Piyush Sachan Empower Pragati
Cert - 0105 Vivek Mehta V.M Techno Soft
Cert - 0106 Kuldeep Poonia Om Vijay Charitable Trust
Cert - 0107 Vikram Batti KSD Foundation
Cert - 0108 Sahil Arora Baddi University
Cert - 0109 Arti Thakkar Baddi University
Cert - 0110 Premka Majumder Empower Pragati
Cert - 0111 Ch. Chandra Shekhar Spice Technologies
Cert - 0112 S. Krishna Chaitnya Spice Technologies
Cert - 0113 R. Sarvanan Celebron Solutions
Cert - 0114 V.C Pradeep Celebron Solutions
Cert - 0115 Ch. Kishore
Cert - 0116 K.N Venketeshwara  Rao Celebron Solutions
Cert - 0117 M. Ravindra Amma Skill