Certification Program for Existing Workforce

Under the mandate of Govt. of India, Life Sciences Sector Skill Council is working towards attaining the Skilled India vision for Life Sciences Sector which includes Pharmaceutical, Bio-pharmaceuticals and Contract Research Sector.


List of Industry Partners who have initiated the Assessment & Certification for existing workforce


There are close to 8.41 lacs (Eight Lakh Forty One Thousand) workforce employed with Life Sciences Sector in India who are working in various occupations in Life Sciences Industry with skill set acquired through on the job learning or by undergoing organizational training programs. This currently employed workforce can be recognized and certified for their respective skills under the “RPL Program” of Life Sciences Sector Skill Development Council.


"Govt. of India is very focussed for supporting the small and micro units, keeping this in objective, assessment and certification for all organizations with “Capital investment in plant and machinery” up to 10 Cr (as per audited account reports) is being done Free of Cost by utilizing the MSDE scheme of Pradhan Mantri Kaushal Vikas Yojana (PMKVY 2.0)"


What is RPL Program?

RPL is an acronym for “Recognition of Prior Learning”. The term has been aptly coined to suit its objective to recognize the skills gained through Informal and Non formal learning. Mostly, meant for those who have gained skills through experience during the job. The concept shall not only encourage existing workforce but also open path for future growth, both for individual and Organisation. It shall also help in up-skilling of existing workforce thus enhancing the quality of work in its wake.

RPL Process for Existing Workforce


The skills are recognized through formal Assessment based on the National Occupational Standards (NOS) of the Job Role. Nationally recognized Certificate is issued once candidate qualifies the Assessments.


RPL Certification Program for Existing Work Force is aligned to CDSCO Notification dated 26th Aug 2016 which mandates the skill certification of all the workforce employed Certification of existing workforce under RPL program in Life Sciences Sector would be made available for all the job roles for which the National Standards are available. Though currently, LSSSDC is focusing on following 9 Job roles and the assessment can be planned immediately.

  • Manufacturing Assistant- Life Sciences
  • Packaging Assistant- Life Sciences
  • Production/ Machine Operator
  • Fitter Mechanical- Life Sciences
  • Production Chemist
  • Maintenance Assistant- Life Sciences
  • Production Supervisors
  • Packaging Supervisor Machine/ Manual- Life Sciences
  • QC Chemist- IP & RM / Packaging/ Batch Release Testing


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For any query, please write to anshul.saxena@lsssdc.in or call on +91 11 41042407/08/09/10

Certified trainers

Certificate Number Name of the Certified Trainer VTP
Cert- 00001 Bishwajit Singh CREATE
Cert- 00002 G Paulraj REEP Trust
Cert- 00003 Karthikeyan REEP Trust
Cert- 00004 Swapnesh Vyas PGVS
Cert- 00005 Sugam Khopkar Life Supporters
Cert - 0006 Sandeep Bana Baddi University
Cert - 0007 Somjeet Shastri MIHER
Cert - 0008 Jitendra Pandey SEWS
Cert - 0009 Prakash Kataria PGVS
Cert - 0010 Firoj Khan PGVS
Cert - 0011 Ramesh Choudhary PGVS
Cert - 0012 Lalit Dadhich PGVS
Cert - 0013 Dhiraj Kumar Choudhary PGVS
Cert - 0014 Deepak Somani PGVS
Cert - 0015 Kuldeep Sharma PGVS
Cert - 0016 Manoj Pareek PGVS
Cert - 0017 Peeyush Samaria PGVS
Cert - 0018 M.kalidoss  REEP Trust
Cert - 0019 R.saravana  Raja REEP Trust
Cert - 0020 M.d.saravanan REEP Trust
Cert - 0021 A.s.rajack  Mohamed REEP Trust
Cert - 0022 J. Aldrin Bright REEP Trust
Cert - 0023 M.senthil  Kumaar REEP Trust
Cert - 0024 K Thangaraj REEP Trust
Cert - 0025 Jeevananthan.r REEP Trust
Cert - 0026 Srinivasan.m REEP Trust
Cert - 0027 Sundararajan.d REEP Trust
Cert - 0028 Pankaj Bhardwaj Rooman Technologies
Cert - 0029 Sunny Malkotia Rooman Technologies
Cert - 0030 Mohsin Khan Rooman Technologies
Cert - 0031 Chandra Shekhar Arya Stomata Infotech Pvt Ltd
Cert - 0032 Lalit Kr Mishra CREATE
Cert - 0033 Bhaskar Shandilya CREATE
Cert - 0034 Pankaj Kumar Gangopadhyay Tiksna
Cert - 0035 H. Surendra Babu Centum Work Skills India Ltd
Cert - 0036 Amit Kumar Vashishth Unifiers
Cert - 0037 Vinod Dixit Unifiers
Cert - 0038 Naresh Chandra Sharma Unifiers
Cert - 0039 V Rakesh Kumar Reddy Alliance Institute
Cert - 0040 Madan Lal AITS
Cert - 0041 Gyandeep Power to Empower
Cert - 0042 Puneet Mathur Skills Academy / A4E India Pvt Ltd
Cert - 0043 Susovan Malik Rooman Technologies
Cert - 0044 Shailendra Kumar Create
Cert - 0045 Himanshu Sekhar Samataray TS Skill & Tech
Cert - 0046 Raghav Dixit Power to Empower
Cert - 0047 Ajay Shirke Bridge Point
Cert - 0048 Ashwin Susarla Bridge Point
Cert - 0049 Soumen Banerjee Modhumoy Srilekha
Cert - 0050 Mukesh Gupta Deep Training Institute Pvt Ltd
Cert - 0051 Naresh Kalra Deep Training Institute Pvt Ltd
Cert - 0052 Suresh Choudhary Deep Training Institute Pvt Ltd
Cert - 0053 Praveen Goyal Deep Training Institute Pvt Ltd
Cert - 0054 Samunder Singh Chauhan Deep Training Institute Pvt Ltd
Cert - 0055 Pankaj Saraswat Deep Training Institute Pvt Ltd
Cert - 0056 Swati Yadav Deep Training Institute Pvt Ltd
Cert - 0057 Uma Kumari Balani Deep Training Institute Pvt Ltd
Cert - 0058 Umesh Saini Deep Training Institute Pvt Ltd
Cert - 0059 Yatin Sharma Deep Training Institute Pvt Ltd
Cert - 0060 Anil Kumar Diwedi CREATE
Cert - 0061 Rahul Kumar Singh CREATE
Cert - 0062 Tarun kumar Verma CREATE
Cert - 0063 Anshul Kathoria BPSN
Cert - 0064 Amrendra Kumar Sinha IIMR
Cert - 0065 I.M Saini Empower Pragati
Cert - 0066 Sanjeev Kumar Tripathi Centum Work Skills India Ltd
Cert - 0067 Manish Yadav Ram Gopal Educational Society
Cert - 0068 Pankaj Sharma Focal Skill Development
Cert - 0069 Dr. Supriti Agarwal Amity
Cert - 0070 Y. Ramesh Unifiers
Cert - 0071 R. Suresh Unifiers
Cert - 0072 M.Vamship Celebron Solutions
Cert - 0073 Dr. R. Sridhar Algol Universal Trust
Cert - 0074 P.Sarvan Kumar Sun Skills
Cert - 0075 V. Ranana Sri Alliance Institute
Cert - 0076 G. Bala Krishna Spice Technologies
Cert - 0077 G. Vijaya Bhaskar Celebron Solutions
Cert - 0078 K. Jitendra Reddy Sun Skills
Cert - 0079 N. Nagender Centum Work Skills India Ltd
Cert - 0080 Debashis Chakarborty Tiksna Mission Trust
Cert - 0081 Samarajit Mukhopadhyay Tiksna Mission Trust
Cert - 0082 Saikat Maji Tiksna Mission Trust
Cert - 0083 Rama Chowdhary Tiksna Mission Trust
Cert - 0084 Piyushmoy Sengupta Tiksna Mission Trust
Cert - 0085 Priyanka Ghosh Tiksna Mission Trust
Cert - 0086 Ranjit Kumar Guha Providers Skills
Cert - 0087 Pawan Kumar Bridge Point
Cert - 0088 Ram Darsh Sharma Focal Skill
Cert - 0089 Ashok Kumar Chawla Redefine Dimension Solutions Pvt. Ltd.
Cert - 0090 Dhirendra Kumar Sharma Redefine Dimension Solutions Pvt. Ltd.
Cert - 0091 Mitali Raina Ram Gopal Education
Cert - 0092 Sunil Kumar Mishra Celebron Solutions
Cert - 0093 Saptarishi Chakarborty Edu Jobs
Cert - 0094 Surajit Bhattacharya T.S Skill & Tech
Cert - 0095 Ahmed Amjad Husain T.S Skill & Tech
Cert - 0096 Poluri Venu Edu Jobs
Cert - 0097 Ashish Kumar IQBRI
Cert - 0098 Suvankar Chatterjee T.S Skill & Tech
Cert - 0099 Harikant Vishwakarma V.M Techno Soft
Cert - 0100 Abhishek Sharma V.M Techno Soft
Cert - 0101 Sanjay Johari V.M Techno Soft
Cert - 0102 Soumen Maity Madhumoy Srilekha
Cert - 0103 Mrinal Chaturvedi BPSN
Cert - 0104 Piyush Sachan Empower Pragati
Cert - 0105 Vivek Mehta V.M Techno Soft
Cert - 0106 Kuldeep Poonia Om Vijay Charitable Trust
Cert - 0107 Vikram Batti KSD Foundation
Cert - 0108 Sahil Arora Baddi University
Cert - 0109 Arti Thakkar Baddi University
Cert - 0110 Premka Majumder Empower Pragati
Cert - 0111 Ch. Chandra Shekhar Spice Technologies
Cert - 0112 S. Krishna Chaitnya Spice Technologies
Cert - 0113 R. Sarvanan Celebron Solutions
Cert - 0114 V.C Pradeep Celebron Solutions
Cert - 0115 Ch. Kishore
Cert - 0116 K.N Venketeshwara  Rao Celebron Solutions
Cert - 0117 M. Ravindra Amma Skill